Are you waking up with lower back pain? Have you had recurring back soreness for more than a few months? Is it hard to sit at your desk and work because of constant, nagging discomfort?

In our fast-paced stressful lives, working endless hours at our desks, this is an all too common reality. But is it normal? The answer is that while it may be common it is certainly not normal. Living like this day in and day out is not how we were meant to live. Continue reading and discover what you can do about it!

The main reason for your aches and pains nowadays is our lifestyle. Sitting in front of the computer all day and lack of proper exercise are the main causes. Let me explain.

Our body is meant to move. When we move or exercise, our body will pump fluids into the discs and the discs stay healthy and in place. When the spine is not moving well, it pinches the nerves even more. This is where Chiropractic comes in.

The goal of Chiropractic is to get your whole body moving well. When the back moves well, the joints open up more and the nerve coming out has more room. So we need to take the pressure off of the nerves and the pain will subside.

What are the symptoms of Back Pain?

Direct symptom:
  • Dull, aching pain
  • Sharp, shooting pain
  • Throbbing, burning pain
  • Stiffness
Indirect symptom:
  • Pain that travels down the buttock and leg
  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness in the legs
  • Tightness in the leg
  • Pain into the groin area
  • Knee pain

What is the best treatment for it?

The most important part in treating back pain is to get the spine moving better and to relief the pressure on the nerve. Once that happens the pain will subside and you will start to feel better.

Most of our patients say they do not feel so stiff anymore, they wake up without pain in the morning and they are able to exercise again. When you have a good Chiropractor it will not take long to get you well. 

Most people start to feel better right after the first treatment keep getting better as we go along with the treatment. You can be one of them. Just click the link right now to set up your first appointment with us. 

" I would like express my gratitude to you for having helped me tremendously on my road to recovery. When I first came to see you, I was having a constant pain in my back which had been bugging me for more than a year. Two specialists that I consulted recommended that I go for spinal fusion surgery as there are signs of disc degeneration in my spine. I was quite averse to having major surgery and would want to avoid it or at least put it off for as long as possible. I decided to look for alternative forms of treatment to see if anything else would help. I was so glad that I came to see you. After only 12 treatments, I have experienced significant improvement with my back problem. The constant pain is no longer bugging me. Thank you very much." L.H.
" For years I was always told that my back would eventually need surgery because of my bulging discs. I went through many doctors until I found Dr. Inge. She was able to explain my condition to me in terms i could understand, how she could help me, and what i could also do to take better care of myself. I am being treated regularly i feel so much better and i am no longer considering surgery. Thank you Dr. Inge, you are a life-saver." -M. L.
“ Hi Dr. Austin, I would like to let you know that I’m currently in a very fine condition, thanks to the treatments. I have suffered from back pain on and off for quite some time, but I am finally experiencing relief. I do my normal daily activities comfortably and experience no more pain when i rise from my seated position. Looking forward to see you again ” Y.M.
" Hi, I find Dr. Inge a very good doctor. My right hip somehow got out of position and was pinching on a few nerves. I could hardly put any weight on my right leg but after one session, my pain is much lessen. I also like the fact that she does not aggressively sell herself nor promote any products. If you need treatment, do consider using her. Hahaha, telling you this because you are my friend or relative. She is not paying me to advertise for her. Just want to share this in case you need help. " M.S.
“For me, Dr. Inge has delivered on its promise of treating my severe back pain and shoulder pain, in a relatively short period, with long-term positive and permanent results! What is particularly important to me is that the treatment does not involve any drugs or machines. It is not a “too-good-to-be-true” magic pill. Instead, the sessions include effective professional treatment coupled with sound advice on overall wellness tailored to my own needs and lifestyle. I would recommend this to any stressed-out executive who is pressed for time, as the sessions are quick and effective, delivered in a fully professional yet highly personalized manner.” P.C.
Having suffered a long history of back problems (over the last 15 years!), I really would like to thank you for having achieved to fix me up in only 3 sessions. I’ll be forever grateful!” A.T.
“ In our modern desk job world bad posture leads to several problems with back and neck. I found Dr. Austin extremely effective in combating this vociferous phenomenon. Dr. Austin’s thorough Austrian background coupled with her service experience of American West Coast practices offers the lucky users a thorough, effective and immediate response coupled with polite service. I would not hesitate to recommend.” N.G.
Back Pain People Also Ask

What is the most common cause of back pain?

The most common causes of back pain are a sedentary lifestyle, postural problems, such as slouching low in a chair or on the couch, and injuries.  Often people lift something and twist at the same time or they get injured during their sports activities. 

What are serious symptoms of back pain?

Anytime you are experiencing tingling, numbness, or weakness that disease is quite bad. Please seek help as soon as possible in order to avoid permanent nerve damage

When should I be worried about back pain?

You should be worried if you transition from having pain to more serious symptoms such as tingling, numbness, and weakness. This usually means that the nerve is either compressed or very irritated.

How should I sleep to avoid back pain?

The best sleeping position for people with lower back pain is to sleep on their back, with one pillow below their head and the other underneath their knees. This will be the best for optimal spinal alignment. 

If you are a side sleeper you should sleep with a pillow in between your knees. That will align your lower back and pelvis and give you some pain relief as well.