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Unique Cure for Headaches in Singapore

Headache Cure in Singapore

There are three main types of common headaches namely, Migraine Headache, Tension and regular Headaches. A lot of people seek pain relievers when suffering from anyone of the aforementioned headaches. These pain relievers do offer some kind of relief to some certain extent, however they do not eliminate the root cause of the headaches.

It is a known fact that medication usually hide the pain while ignoring the root cause of the headaches. What this means is that over time the headaches are bound to reoccur at regular intervals. In this post we will be taking a look at causes and types of headaches and how to remedy these headaches permanently.

What are the major causes of headaches?

For a large number of people issues with spinal alignment are the major causes of headaches. Let’s briefly explain what we mean by spinal alignment. From the side view of a human you would notice that the neck is directly above the shoulders and the earlobes are in alignment with the shoulder joint. The more distance there is between the head and the front shoulder the nerves around the neck and the head usually get irritated or pinched and this can most times lead to headaches.

In modern society, people spend long hours on their PC and in most cases with poor spinal alignment. This is much worse when working on laptops, as the head must be constantly faced down to view the screen. This scenario usually leads to a high frequency of headaches.

How can I identify the kind of headache I have?

We are fond of keeping our PC screens far away from us and this makes us look out constantly to be able to view the screen. With time, the muscles found around the neck and upper back become tight and begin to have a pulling effect on the bottom of the skull and this usually leads to a tension headache. Tension headaches are usually referred to as a “gripping” or “squeezing” kind of pain which in most cases consumes the entire head. Migraine headaches on the other hand are usually described as pounding or throbbing. These migraine usually affect a side of the head and its symptoms include nausea, light sensitivity and most serious cases vomiting.

In both cases, when nerves around the neck get irritated people suffering from headaches report numbness and weakness around the arm down to the fingers.

How can I resolve my headache?

When looking for solutions to your headache, the best approach is to solve the root cause of the headache and not just the headaches alone. In most cases, headaches are as a result of reduced movement around the neck joints as a result of misaligned vertebrae. It is at this point you need Chiropractic.

By defaulting to normal movement around the spine and straightening the head posture, the nerve pressure around the head will default back to normal and the process of misalignment can be reversed. In doing this, you can permanently resolve your headache issues.