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Treating Sciatica Without Medication

Sciatica Treatment for Immediate Pain Relief

Is sharp, burning pain a common experience on either of your legs? Is the pain aggravated whenever you sit or stand for very long periods? Then you may be suffering from a medical condition known as the neuralgia of the sciatic nerves or Sciatica.

What Exactly is Sciatica?

Sciatica or the neuralgia of the sciatic nerve is a condition of the spine that results from damage done to the sciatic nerve. This nerve is the largest in the body; it stems from five roots in the lower back and extends to the buttocks and behind each leg.

The function of this nerve is to ensure that the active muscles in the knee, hips and ankle function adequately. It also ensures that the entire parts of the leg maintain adequate sensation.

What Symptoms Point to Sciatica?

While a chronic neuralgia of the sciatic nerve that is left untreated may begin to affect both legs one after the other, the symptoms of sciatica are usually noticed on one leg. The noticeable symptoms are listed below:

  • Paresthesia and sharp burning pain from one side of the lower back down to the corresponding buttock, leg and sometimes foot.
  • Acute weakness in one leg
  • Difficulty while walking
  • Pain that aggravates after prolonged standing or sitting
  • Aggravated pain during bowel movement, coughing, laughing or sneezing

Sciatica Causes

When the bones and joints in the spine are subjected to limited motion for a prolonged period, excessive pressure is introduced on the sciatic nerve which causes irritation and pain.


  • Pregnancy can also cause sciatica because the fetus constitutes an additional load that stresses the lower back and makes the sciatic nerve prone to irritation.
  • A herniated disc can also cause sciatica as the extrusion of the substance contained in the disc can readily irritate the nerve.
  • When one or several muscles in the lower back is subjected to prolonged contraction, an inflammation may result which can in turn damage the sciatic nerve.
  • The presence of infections, tumors and fractures around the sciatic nerve can result in a neuralgia of the nerve.

Treating Sciatica Without Medication

While the natural treatment of sciatica can take a a few weeks, it is usually more effective than drugs and even surgery. Nonetheless, the time it takes varies from person to person, Most people find immediate relief even after the first treatment, but it will require more than one treatment.

Chiropractic is the answer to sciatica as it has proven its potential to ensure spinal health and also improve the quality of people’s lives for over 12 decades.