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Slipped Disc

Chiropractic: The Perfect Treatment For It

Pain X Chiropractic has become a is a tested and trusted solution for herniated or bulging disc pain. With our treatments patient usually recover quite quickly without the need for surgery. Our Chiropractic doctors can effectively relieve the pain by reducing pressure on the affected region.

Sometimes, the disc and spine of a person start to weaken, due to injuries or aging. The work of a disc is to cause the spine to move in any desired direction. The spine also acts as a shock absorber. Nonetheless, in a situation when there is a lot of weight on the disc, it begins to wear down and consequently results in a disc injury, which is usually very painful.

It comes with sore muscles and other trivial nerve symptoms. Over time, the pain will become intense and will not be contained with medication.

Ways we put pressure on our disc that results in Herniated or Bulging Disc Pain.

The spinal disc is naturally strong and in a fixed position. Moving around and maintaining an active lifestyle helps maintain a healthy spine.  In today’s word, most cooperate jobs require the unhealthy habit of sitting for long hours without any form of movement.

This almost-sedentary lifestyle causes the disc at the back to dehydrate and lose its strength. This most times results to herniated spine. At this stage, the spine becomes unable to adequately sustain the pressure it bears daily. Hence, the patient begins to feel extreme pain and discomfort.

Symptoms of Herniated or Bulging disc pain:

–    Severe pain

–    Difficulty in walking

–    Weakness or numbness in the leg

–    Numbness of the skin

–    Sore muscles etc.

The solution we provide here at Pain X Chiropractic is a combination of various techniques to relieve the pressure from the spine or disc. Our treatment procedure, such as postural modification will effectively reduce the pain and restore your back to its fit and healthy form.