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The Most Effective Back Pain Treatment in Singapore

Do you experience back pain while you sit for a long time or do you ever feel lower back pain after you wake up? if you have ever experienced any of these, it is necessary you pay close attention to this and get help.

In recent times, an average worker spends most hours of the day working hard with little or no break. These hours are spent sitting behind the desk, staring at the screen of a computer. Most workers share the same experiences all over the world, this however should not be the norm. It is not normal for a person to live most of their life sitting for endless hours, causing their back so much strain that would lead to severe back pains.

The question then is “why is back pain common among office workers?”

This problem can be easily traced to the immobile routine of a worker, such as sitting behind a computer most of the day, without any form of appropriate exercise. This almost sedentary lifestyle inevitably results in constant back pain. Back pain is not restricted to just cooperate workers. Even cyclists and runners are at risk of having severe back pain. A cyclist always stoops while riding and runners, always quid the pavement for hours. These recreational activities make the back vulnerable to pain.

The back plays a vital role in our body, it serves as a protective gate for our nervous system. The back allows the body to move in various direction as a person deems fit. It is therefore important to pay close attention to symptoms associated with lower back pain. These symptoms may be direct or indirect. Some of the direct symptoms of back pain include; stiffness, aching pain, throbbing pain, burning pain, sharp pains.

The Indirect Symptoms of lower back pains include, Achilles tendon, Knee pain, Pain in the groin area and Weakness in the leg.

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, it may be an indication that you’re developing lower back pain.  You need to become more physically active because sitting and inactiveness is likely to worsen the pain.

Taking Pain Killer May not be the Solution

It is important to know that your best option is not a pain medication. This is because painful sensation is our body’s way of sending us signals that something is not right with that area of the body. It will be wrong to mute this signal with an overriding mediation. The aim of the medication is not to primarily heal the back of its pain but to numb us from the pain. This pain is still very much in existence, and the continuous numbing of the pain might just worsen the back pain. It is therefore advisable to address the source of the pain itself.

Best way of treating back pain

One major way of treating the back pain is to make the spine to move in an appropriate direction, with the aim of taking off the pressure from the back. The pain can be corrected through CHIROPRACTIC CARE.

The chiropractic care will help the spine operate in its full motion. It is usually advisable to follow through with other programs such as Yoga and Pilates. The combination of Chiropractic care and flexibility exercise will prevent re-occurrence. In order to enjoy a stress less life, it is advisable to engage in Chiropractic care. Grab this solution quick; book your first appointment today.