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Put an End to Migraines with These Treatments in Singapore

Headache Cure in Singapore

It is common practice to take medicines in order to alleviate the symptoms of various health conditions, and while the symptoms may reduce, the cause of the symptoms are usually not addressed. As a result, people keep experiencing reoccurring symptoms even after the administration of medications.

The way people deal with migraine is no different but Pain X Chiropractic is here to ensure that you don’t have any reason to continually struggle with migraines or pain of any sort. We are also committed to helping every migraine patient completely get rid of the condition and comfortably go about their day-to-day activity.

From the Chiropractic perspective, the major cause of migraine headaches is the alignment of the spine. The side view of the neck reveals that it lies directly above the shoulders – which are also aligned with the ears. Whenever the head is stretched too far from the shoulders, this alignment would get shifted, spinal nerves become irritated and headaches may result.

Now, if you happen to work with a computer for prolonged hours without ensuring your spine is properly aligned, you make yourself prone to resulting headaches. As a matter of fact, those who spend more time with screens fall into the category of individuals with the highest reports of migraine.

Furthermore, if you’re always elongating or lowering your neck while working, you induce so much tension in your spine. Overtime, this tension may begin to exert a pull on the base of your skull which consequently results in what is known as tension headache. This kind of headache causes a pain similar to a shrinking, or squeezing sensation and may be associated with other symptoms.

Some other migraine sufferers often experience a pounding or beating sensation which affects only a side of the head and manifests symptoms like nausea and an excessive sensitivity to light.

It is also noteworthy to state that both migraine types are equally associated with paresthesia, hypoesthesia and fatigue along the arms and fingers.

Treating these headaches goes far beyond the symptoms; it involves tackling their exact causes. In most migraine cases, a restricted neck movement due to a shift in the alignment of the vertebrae in the neck is often the cause of severe headaches, and Chiropractic treatment remains the best approach in handling this type of headache.

First, the head should always be rightly positioned after motion has been reestablished in the affected spine. Consequently, the misaligned spine can then be repositioned to prevent further migraines.

Our patients are living proofs that Chiropractic treatment far outweighs medication, especially when migraines are involved. A lot of people now lead healthy lives simply because they trusted the potency of Chiropractic in helping them stay alive and healthy.