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If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, let me explain. In essence, you can share your experience with your friends and colleagues, comment online when someone is looking for a great Chiropractor, create a post , just to name a few options, and get rewarded for it.


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Dr. Inge first came to Singapore in 2007 and has been featured in social media and the Straits Times for treating celebrities local and abroad. Now we are expanding into the online space, by launching our online shop and we are welcoming great affiliate partners to join us in this mission.


What is in it for you? 


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Thanks to Woo Commerce platform it couldn’t be easier – you can sign up , from there you can generate your own unique tracking links . You can then use them when the opportunity presents itself,  but we cannot spam anybody. It has to be done in an ethical professional way. 🙂 Then whenever someone uses your tracking link to buy from our site, you’ll get a 20% commission on their order. That’s all there is to it.