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Neck Pain Gone with Chiropractic Care

One out of every ten persons in Singapore experiences neck pain at a given time. Many treatment options are available for treating neck pain, but amongst them all, Pain X Chiropractic Singapore’s Neck Pain Chiropractic treatment has proven to be more effective than any other form of neck pain therapy.

Neck pain is almost inevitable due to the hectic nature of human activities. From standing for long hours to sitting in front of computers, and bending to do some kinds of house chores, the human neck goes through a lot of strain and pressure. Furthermore, some leisure activities like watching movies for long hours and playing computer games also cause neck pain. Therefore, whether you are relaxing, working, or simply surfing the internet with your gadget, you may start to feel neck pain. In recent times, neck pain has become very prevalent amongst young people in Singapore, due to long hours of study and excessive use of computers and mobile phones. While this is disturbing, the good news is that our Chiropractic therapy provides an effective solution to this problem.

A slight shift in the joints of the neck may cause joint pain, headache and severe discomfort

The neck is connected to other parts of the body. Therefore, whatever affects the neck also affects other parts of the body. For example, an imbalance in the joints of the neck can cause headache, back pain, shoulder ache, jaw pain, and even prickling sensations in the hands.

All parts of our body are connected to a cervical spine. Therefore, any discomfort on one part of the body affects the other parts. An imbalance in the joints of the neck can cause an imbalance in the head, joints, and other parts of the body. This is the reason why you’d see Chiropractors would treat the neck, even when a patient has back pain.

Often, neck and body pains are not stand-alone issues. They are often related and inter-dependent. That is why some treatments and medications taken for neck pain do not work as they ought to. Such treatments only suppress the pain, and with time, it reoccurs. The best therapy is to completely eradicate the pain by restoring the proper motion to the neck.

This is where we come in; our teams of Chiropractic doctors are experts in studying, evaluating, and restoring the proper order of the body system and proper spinal structure in the neck and upper back.

At Pain X Chiropractic Singapore, we use a specialized chiropractic adjustments  to cure neck pain instantaneously. As soon as the initial discomfort is taken away, our crew of doctors would connect you to appropriate tools that would provide long term and even permanent solution to your health issues; giving you a healthy spine.