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Ideal ways to treat neck pain in Singapore

Do you feel stiffness around your neck when you wake up? Do you find it difficult to make use of a computer or a mobile phone? Have you experienced a drop in productivity? Typically associated with aging, neck pain has now become a regular occurrence that affects people of all age range.

Millennials spend a lot of time on their PC and laptops, iPads or mobile devices. Instant messaging is gradually replacing calls at an alarming rate, with emails are now the default way of sending correspondence in the office. With the increasing rate of technology adoption, we are also experiencing an increasing number of neck associated pains that affect people of all age range. This scenario is commonly referred to as “tech neck.”

How do I know I have a tech neck?

Common tech neck symptoms include;

  • Frequent headaches
  • Stiffness around the neck
  • Achy, dull neck pains
  • Numbness that trickles down to the hand, arm and shoulder
  • Severe pains down to the arm and shoulder.

What are the causes of neck pain?

In most cases there is no singular cause of neck pain, there are usually several factors working together to cause the uncomfortable feeling. These causes include;

  • Poor Sleeping Posture: irregular sleep posture like lying on the bed for long hours with your head placed high up from the pillow or with your head too low as a result of an absence of pillow or in some cases low pillow can create a level of imbalance around the neck muscles, and this eventually leads to neck pains.
  • Poor Sitting Posture: sitting over a computer/PC usually places a lot of strain on the neck. This makes the muscles around the neck become very tight and this leads to neck pains.
  • Physical Injuries: accidents either motor bikes or cars or sudden fall are common ways by which one can get neck pains.
  • Poor Standing Posture: additional tension and strain on the neck can also be as a result of poor standing posture.

Can pain medication be helpful?

Pain medications can be help relieve the symptoms of neck pain, they do not handle the underlying cause of the neck pains. Medication as a matter of fact just help to numb the pain so you do not remember you are experiences such pains. If you leave neck and spinal problems not attended tot over time they could lead to worse pains and these could be more expensive to resolve if you take in consideration the side effect usually associated with prolonged use of medication.

How Chiropractic can help with neck pain

With Chiropractic care you can treat the root cause of neck pains which are mostly associated with misaligned vertebrae in the spine. With the help of Chiropractic care you can aligned spinal muscles and permanently get rid of neck pains for good.