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Headache Relief Made Simple with Chiropractic


A headache can cause discomfort all through the day. Whether it is a slight or a severe one, headache can affect one or both sides of the head, and keep one in severe pain and discomfort. At Pain X Chiropractic Clinic, the offer the most effective headache relief treatment through a gentle chiropractic adjustment that instantaneously takes the ache away.

Research has shown that about 30% of the population in Singapore suffers chronic tension headache, and pain relief medications do not provide effective treatment. The two most common types of headache are migraines and tension headache. Migraines are throbbing aches that react with sensitivity to light and sound.  A tension headache is a mild pain in the head that often feels like a tight headband. Both headaches can affect vision and other functions.

Permanent Relief for Migraines

The primary causes of migraines are excess pressure on the head and neck muscles and inadequate blood flow to the brain and other body parts. All these gradually cause dizziness and headaches. Over the years, people have sought to get permanent relief for migraine. But amongst all the available treatments, our chiropractic treatment has proven to be the best therapy for migraine and any other kind of headache.

Pain X Chiropractic Clinic is the solution to painful headaches. Chiropractic adjustments provide a lasting solution to all forms of headaches. Chiropractic doctors at Pain X Chiropractic clinic do a spinal adjustment on the affected patient, and this serves as an effective way of treating headaches.

The spinal adjustment reduces the pressure around the head and facilitates a smoother flow of blood in and around the brain, thereby relieving the tension in the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments, therefore, guarantees a long-lasting drug-free relief from migraine headaches. 

Make out time to visit us at Pain X Chiropractic Clinic to get effective treatment for all stress, food or work-induced pressure, and headaches through our mild chiropractic adjustment therapy.