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Aging Gracefully, without Aches and Pains

Age well with Pain X Chiropractic Center Singapore

The older we get the more we realize we have to take care of our health. We you are in your 30’s and early 40’s most people still okay, but once we get to our mid 40’s our lifestyle habits will start to take it’s toll on our health. People that had a bad diet, will develop high blood pressure and diabetes and people that did not exercise much or worked too much will start develop aches and pains. 

As we get into our 60’s it is really important to take care of our health. We should have already done earlier, but it is not too late. What we do in your 60’s will have a major impact on our next 30 years. Prevention is always the key. We need to switch to a healthier diet, move more and take care of our spine. Working on ones flexibility  and range of motion is the key to wellness. Our posture plays a big part too. 

When our body ages and it becomes stiff it will show up as slipped disc, bone degeneration, shooting pain down the legs, inability to walk or numbness, which makes it difficult to function. If caught early enough, most patients recover nicely and can avoid surgeries or wheelchairs down the line. What many people don’t know is that Chiropractic can produce miracles when it comes to those conditions. Our oldest patient is now 100 years old and at about 95 she was not able to walk. She needed assistance from her helper and her daughter, otherwise she would have not been able to come to the clinic. After a course of  treatment she was able to walk better and eventually recovered fully. This was really important for her, as she stopped eating and drinking, because she did not want to bother the people around her to take her to the restroom. Now she is 100 years old and still and going strong.

The key to aging gracefully is to take care of our body, while you are still young. Chiropractic helps in getting people mobile and flexible, which takes the pressure of the nerves and allows that person to function better. When the shooting pain and other symptoms subside when then focus on overall wellness to get people fit again so that they can move again and start exercising again. In order to age gracefully we need to take care of our body now, before it gets worse. 

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